Become A Coach

Certification Course Outline

Upon completion of this 18-hour course, the instructor/personal trainer will be eligible to coach IGNITE YOUR BURN wherever they choose.

Program Description:

IGNITE YOUR BURN is the group fitness class that was developed with 4 science-based fitness methods, Peripheral Heart Action Training, High Intensity Interval Training, Active Recovery and Heart Rate Zone Training.

It is specifically designed to work Upper Body and Lower Body separately with a 45sec Strength Training with a 15sec rest before a 30sec of High Intensity work (same/similar exercise/movement executed in plyometric or faster pace) that challenge to the same muscles group we are working on,  with another 30sec of rest before we rotate to the next extremities.

Each block is approximately 15mins make up of 4 to 5 upper and lower body movements executed as mentioned above together with a 3mins active recovery that involve Pilates and Yoga inspired movements.

And throughout the class, instead of using RPE (perceived difficulties) to determine their intensity or effort, which can be grossly misguided, we would be using Heart Rate Zone Training to guide the participants to work towards;

Strength – Green to Yellow Zone

HIIT – Yellow to Red Zone

Rest – Blue to Green Zone

Active Recovery – Blue to White Zone

IGNITE YOUR BURN does not require a club/gym license. However, every instructor needs to renew their certificate on 2 yearly basis with a video submission of them conducting the class with a minimum of 2pax. OR when they renewed their CPR Certificate, whichever is earlier. The program design and fundamentals are necessary to successfully complete and succeed in the fitness industry as a Certified IGNITE YOUR BURN Instructor.


Course Includes:

A Typical Course Schedule would look like this.