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Ignite Your Burn
Coach Certification

IGNITE YOUR BURN (IYB) is Singapore’s very own, internationally endorsed, globally accredited group fitness conditioning program designed with coaches and participants in mind!

IYB’s exercise programming creatively combined the following 4 science and research-based fitness protocols into a single workout.

- Peripheral Heart Action Training


- Active Recovery

- Heart Rate Zones Training

2019-10-11 08.21.25.jpg

IYB carefully weaves strength training, HIIT, movement prep and mobility movements that let you burn maximum calories (up to 660 calories in under 45mins), improves cardiovascular health, build lean and tone muscles, improves stamina and at an intensity that is personalized to the participants!

IYB Coaches can conduct the class with ANY equipment, Bodyweight, Indoor or Outdoor (even in the pool), Online or Hybrid class.


In this 18-hour course, the group fitness instructor / personal trainer will learn the 4 fitness protocols in greater depths, the exercise programming principle behind IYB, and the 8 features that makes IYB uniquely different from other group fitness program. On top of these, you will also learn basic exercise programming considerations for populations. (You got that right! IYB can be taught to Pre & Post-Natal, and Seniors too)

IYB is suitable for Personal Trainers who are contemplating to expand their services into group fitness but maybe deter by the misperception that group fitness is all about dance OR that group fitness can’t be apply to personal training OR group fitness caged them in and doesn’t allow them to develop their own exercises or etc.

IYB is ideal for Group Fitness Coaches who have no more time to learn new choreography OR who want to teach circuit or bootcamp style of group training but find these are lacking in musicality OR are limited to only 1 environment to conduct the class OR they want good support post certification OR they are limited in where they can teach due to licensing issues OR finds that the monthly investment to be part of the program doesn’t justify the value given or etc.

If any of the above resonates with you, IYB would like to invite you to be part of the tribe of Ignite Your Burn Certified Coaches! A tribe that prioritizes participants’ sustainability in fitness and health!


  • Two (2) Intensive full-day live workshop (9hrs each)

  • Instructor manual with sample exercises to implement according to the program

  • 1 IGNITE YOUR BURN Music Playlist with timing commands embedded from start to finish

  • Complimentary upon your completion:

  • 1x Instructor T-Shirts or Tank Top for each participant

  • Coaches Subscriptions for 2 months (worth S$30)

  • CEC’s as follows:

    • ACE – 1.2

    • NASM – 1.6

    • AFAA – 15

  • Next intake:

    • Please write to us using the Contact Us form for the latest certification date.

  • Prerequisites:

    • Current Internationally recognized Group Fitness or Personal Training Certification such as ACE, NASM, AFAA or etc.

    • Valid CPR & AED Certificate.

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